Our virtual meeting 04-03-2021 Goblets.

Our meeting on Thursday 4th March 2021 has been arranged by John Ruickbie, John’s subject for the meeting is about making wooden goblets. This meeting has been made into a virtual meeting due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, that does not mean it won’t happen, it will take place only virtually. You are all invited to make at least one goblet, then for you to photograph it or them and send the pictures to me, do remember to give me some information about your creation.

It can be any size type or shape you so desire, made from one piece or from many pieces, it can be natural edged or even have a few rings in the stem, if your really adventurous you could create a stepped stem, it’s up to you, anything goes.

Here are a few pictures of some wooden goblets for you to view and take inspiration from, don’t just sit back and let others do the work, please take part, I’m sure we would all like to see what you have made.

And here are a few more.
Still some more.
Some interesting designs here!

Please do enter into the spirit of the virtual meeting, John would very much like to see what you have made, don’t disappoint him by not entering the virtual meeting.

You will have until Friday 5th March to make your goblet or goblets, and send your pictures to me for publication on our web site.

Email your pictures to,


Do remember the clubhouse remains closed.

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