Report on our latest training day and our next club meeting.

Just a short report on our latest training day on Thursday 25th August 2022, Nick Simpson our training manager had organised for only 2 trainees and 2 tutors being involved in this training day, all the rest of the tutors got an evening off. Those involved were Catrin Anderson (pupil) being mentored by John Ruickbie, and Ewan Gunn (pupil) being mentored by David Hobson. A report from John Ruickbie the next day told us the training session went very well, Catrin and John were making the base for a candlestick and Ewan and David were making a shallow bowl. This was Catrin’s last training session before John set her free to practice, it was Ewan’s 1st session with David and he would have 3 more sessions.

Our next club meeting 01-09-2022 Making wooden fruits.

Start time 6.45pm

Our next club meeting is on Thursday 1st September 2022, it’s being managed by David Hobson and David’s theme for the meeting is making wooden fruits. David will have all 5 lathes working and all making wooden fruits of some description. I have been back through our archives to see what pictures of wooden fruits already exist and her are some of them, I have also included a very recent picture of a plate of fruits made by David Hutcheson that he posted on facebook.

Left, are a selection of wooden fruits made from a variety of woods, right, an Orange made from a wood called Agba.
Left, a Banana made from Meranti, Right, a bunch of grapes made from Walnut.
Far left, an Apple made from African Padauk, centre, 2 Pear’s made from Ash and Elm, Far right, 2 Plums made from Brazilian Pur[leheart.
This is David Hutcheson’s bowl of wooden fruits, Apples, Pears and a couple of Banana’s that he recently posted on facebook. Thanks for the permission to publish your post.

What I have shown here are what’s most likely to be demonstrated at the meeting but you never know, there might be something quite different being made, to find out you will need to attend the meeting, and whilst you are there do remember to purchase the raffle tickets and coffee will also be available for a small donation. We hope to see you all there.