Report on our meeting 01-09-2022 managed by David Hobson.

Our latest meeting was held on Thursday 1st September 2022, it was managed by David Hobson and David’s theme for the meeting was making wooden fruits. He had all 5 lathes working and all making some kind of wooden fruit, those demonstrating were David Hobson, David Ross, John Ruickbie, Dave Line and brought in at the last minute Liam Comfort who replaced his dad who was otherwise engaged.

Liam had a guardian with him as he is under 18 years and was supervised by me and his guardian, Liam was to make an Apple from a piece of Apple wood, David Ross made a Pear from a piece of Elm, David Hobson made a Pear from a piece of Laburnum, John Ruickbie made a Rotten Apple from a piece of Fruitwood and Dave Line made a Pear and an Apple from pieces of Beech wood.

The evening went very well, the members were very attentive to those turning and seemed to be taking it all in, a good rotation by those observing to see what everyone was doing. I got a few pictures at the meeting just to give you a feeling for what was happening.

On Lathe 1 was Liam Comfort assisted by his guardian and observed by me, Liam was to make an Apple from a piece of Apple wood, pictures 1 & 2 show the blank in the early stages, picture 3, forming the head of the Apple and picture 4 shows Liam with his finished Apple.
On Lathe 2 was David Ross, David was to make a Pear from a piece of Elm wood. Picture 5, David is explaining what he was about to do to 2 very interested onlookers. Picture 6 shows the Pear shape being formed. Picture 7, here David is applying sanding sealer. Picture 8, his finished Pear.
On Lathe 3 was David Hobson, David was to make a Pear from a piece of Laburnum wood. Picture 9 shows David forming a cylinder from a piece of branch wood. Pictures 10 & 11 shows the shaping of the Pear progressing. Picture 12 is David with his finished Pear.
On Lathe 4 was John Ruickbie, John was to make an Apple from a piece of fruit wood, but not just any Apple John was to make a Rotten Apple and have a worm emerging from it. Picture 13 John is sharing a light hearted moment with 2 of the members. Picture 14 has the wood to make a worm mounted in the lathe. Picture 15 shows a couple of Rotten Apples. Picture16 is John with his finished Rotten Apple, worm and all.
On Lathe 5 was Dave Line, Dave was to make an Apple and a Pear from 2 pieces of Beech wood. Picture 17 shows Dave rounding over the blank. Picture 18, Dave is applying the sealer to a Pear. Picture 19, shows the turning still in the chuck for making the stem for an Apple or pear. Picture 20, is Dave with his finished fruits.
Here are 2 pictures taken during the meeting. Picture 21 a view from inside our premises with Peter Lawrence and Kathleen Line who handle the register and the raffles. Picture 22, a few of the items brought in by various members of the club just to show.

That concludes the meeting on wooden fruit making, we do hope you enjoyed it and possibly learnt something from the demonstrators, the demonstrators were thanked for their participation and received a round of applause for their efforts.

The next meeting is on the 15th September, it will be managed by Errol Levings, Errol is going to make wooden goblets, this will be a solo event by Errol and everyone will be seated, a good turnout is always looked for.