Report on our meeting 09-06-2022, managed by Dave Line.

Our club meeting on Thursday 9th June 2022 was organised by Dave Line, Dave’s theme for the meeting was making wooden bowls, he had all 5 lathes in operation all making a bowl of one kind or another.

The 5 turners were, Susan Drew (assisted by Errol Levings) Bob Chisholm, Dave Line, Geoff Potter and John Ruickbie. I took a few pictures of the proceedings, here they are along with a brief summary.

Lathe 1, picture 1, we have Susan Drew working on a piece of Ropola Lacewood (London Plane), here she can be seen making her first cuts. Picture 2 , here Susan is making good progress on the outside of her bowl, being assisted by Errol Levings, Susan has just recently started woodturning, hence the assist. Picture 3, Susan with her finished bowl.
Lathe 2, picture 4, we have Bob Chisholm working on a Mahogany bowl, here he can be seen adjusting the tool rest. Picture 5, here Bob is doing the final sanding of the inside of his bowl, Bob is using a piece of Abranet sanding medium. Picture 6, Here is Bob with his finished bowl. Bob is a regular contributor to our meetings.
Lathe 3, Picture 7, we have Dave Line, (organiser for this meeting), Dave had a piece of Ash for his bowl. Picture 8, shows Dave almost finished working the inside of his bowl, Dave would go on to sand seal and polish the bowl, he also added a scorch line near the top of the bowl using a piece of Formica. Picture 9, Dave Line with his finished bowl.
Lathe 4, Picture 10, the inside view of a Spalted Beech bowl being made by Geoff Potter, the turning on Geoff’s bowl was nearly complete, Picture 11, shows Geoff power sanding the outside of his bowl. Picture 12, here is Geoff with his finished bowl, the Spalting was very visible and not past the point of being too soft to work.
Lathe 5, Picture 13, we have John Ruickbie working on a Wych Elm bowl, here he has just started to work the inside of his bowl. Picture 14, here we can see John is making good progress with the inside of his bowl. Picture 15, John Ruickbie with his finished bowl. The traces of green in the grain of the wood is a great give away that the wood is Wych Elm.

That concludes my report on our meeting, Dave did an excellent job in organising the meeting, he did have to replace one of the turners when one of his original turners had to call off at very short notice. The meeting was well received by all and the attendance continues to improve, we had close to 30 for this meeting.

The takings for the Raffles and the refreshments also continue to improve and for that we are more than grateful.

One last thing, Errol Levings is looking for those who want a turners smock to fill in the application sheet in the clubhouse, he is looking to place an order with the company that make them but would like a few at a time to save on delivery charges.

Our next meeting is on the 23rd June 2022 and it’s Showtime again, bring your turned wares to the meeting for all to see, you can even say a few words about them if you wish, remember you can bring more than one item, in fact the more the merrier.