Report on our latest training evening, 16-06-2022.

Our latest training evening was on the 16th June 2022, organised by Nick Simpson our training manager, he had arranged for all 5 lathes to be in operation but unfortunately one of the pupils failed to show, all 5 tutors were present but it did leave David Hobson at a loose end, however he volunteered to stay and do some observation along with taking a few pictures for this post.

On lathe 1, we have Nick Simpson (left) giving instructions to Richard Sawicki on turning some coves and beads. Spindle work consists of mainly coves and beads, it’s vital that this exercise is mastered by the pupils, it’s not that easy to do for a beginner but it does need to be mastered before moving on to the next phase.
On lathe 2, we have myself (Alec Mutch left) giving instructions to Darren Morrison on making a weed pot. Darren brought in a piece from home on making coves and beads that he had done since the last training evening. I considered that it was good enough for him to actually make something now, I chose a weed pot, it contains all the cuts required on making coves and beads, just in different proportions. I was involved with the first one by way of example, Darren made the 2nd one with only verbal instructions from me.
On lathe 3, we have Geoff Potter (left) giving instructions to Barry Cumming on making coves and beads. Barry still need to acquire a lathe for him to make better progress, it’s vital for the pupils to practice at home, the art of woodturning will only be achieved if practice is undertaken, 2 week gaps between sessions does not lead to adequate progress.
On lathe 4, we have John Ruickbie (left) giving instructions to Carol Craig on making the stem of a candlestick although Carol is very new to woodturning she has taken to it with ease under John’s guidance. Here she can be seen making the stem of a candlestick from a piece of Walnut.
Not everyone progresses at the same rate, here Richard and Barry are still in the process of mastering the coves and beads, Carol and Darren however have progressed sufficiently well to be able to produce finished works, both will now be left to practice on their own at home, we will still be available should they encounter problems that they can’t overcome.

That concludes our report on the latest training evening, we thank Nick for his organisation and David Hobson for sticking around and taking a few photo’s. Our next training evening is on the 30th June.