Report on our meeting 16-02-2023. Pub style quiz organized by Nick Simpson.

Our meeting this week was the Pub style quiz that Nick Simpson had arranged for the 19th January 2023 that had to be postponed due to bad weather.

As this was the first time we were to hold such a quiz it was important for us to see what kind of response we were to get putting on such an event, and Geoff Potter who was to be the organizer for the meeting on the 16th February 2023 was accommodating in offering to cancel his event which was to be about kitchen ware.

Nick had the assistance of David Hobson and Susan Drew for the register and seating arrangements of those taking part. They arranged to have 5 tables with 4 or 5 people to a table and the questions passed from table to table as they were being answered, the table with the most correct answers would be the winners, there were no prizes, it was just for fun.

There were some 50 questions, mostly about wood and woodturning tools and a few on well known woodturners and finally some on trivia, those relating to the wood identification were found to be the least challenging, although there were some that simply stumped most of us, the tools identification was probably next best being answered, the identification on the well known turners gave most of us considerable difficulty in remembering their names, the age of most of those taking part meant that although the turnings were recognized by most of us the names who made them just would not come. The last section on the Trivia again held problems for most of us, we either could not remember or we were too old for the question, even although we knew most of the answers still had a connection to wood.

Once the questions were all answered there was a short break for some refreshments, this was organized by Richard and Liam Comfort, there was tea, coffee and lots of cakes and biscuits available, all were very well received, and a huge thanks to both Richard and Liam for laying this on.

The answers were all given with each table marking the table next to them, there would have been a total of about 50 points available to any one table, however most of the tables fell into the 30 plus category with the winning table getting a total of 35.5.

The turn out was good, the feedback I got after was very positive and it appeared they all enjoyed the evening , it will be something we will repeat in the future. The club wishes to thank all those who took part, organizers and participants.