Our meeting this week 02-03-2023 A demonstration by Alec Mutch.

Our meeting this week Thursday 2nd March 2023 is a demonstration by Alec Mutch, I will be making an end grain turned vase using green timber and the use of a light source, this will be a solo presentation by me and you will all get a seat.

I have done one of these for the club some time back, 31st October 2019, but with all the new members who have joined our club since then I felt it was time to repeat this programme.

Here are a few pictures from that event on the 31st October 2023 to remind those who have seen it before, and to those who have not seen this being done I hope you find it interesting.

Here I am removing material from the inside of the vase.
The light source about to be put to use.
The light source now beginning to show why it’s used, all will be explained at the meeting.
The vase almost complete, you will note that the outside is done last, all will be explained.

I do hope you find my demonstration both educational and entertaining, I will be bringing a few other end grain turnings with me, the purpose is to show the effects of good and bad design, I think the design of any item is very important and should be uppermost in your mind when designing your turnings.

Also in this report I can tell you that we had another Training Evening on Thursday 23rd February 2023, this was organized by Nick Simpson, there were 3 lathes in use for this training session, I was on lathe 2 with Paul Hibberd working on his bowl technique. David Ross was on lathe 3 with Stephen Dunphy working on using a skew chisel. Nick Simpson was on lathe 4 with Daniel Stewart working on a small bowl and a small scoop, assessing Daniels standard of work. All 3 pupils were assessed as progressing well.

We are looking to have a good turnout, and do remember the closing date for re-joining the club in 2023 is the 28th February 2023. The usual raffles will be on sale and there will be coffee available for a small donation.