Report on our meeting 16-03-2023 SHOWTIME.

Our meeting this week, Thursday 16th March 2023 was a Showtime meeting. This meeting is where the members can show and tell about anything they had made recently or in the past, the Showtime meetings have been traditionally a very successful event and this one just past was no exception, the number of exhibiters and the amount of entries was very good.

The attendance from our members was also very good, and the range of items made and shown was very diverse, each person showing their work also commented on their work, some of our new members also asked for feedback from the audience which was willingly forthcoming. All things considered it was a very successful evening.

Here are a few pictures of the items brought in to the Showtime meeting. I took them in overlapping mode and moving to the right with the pictures.

The first of the pictures showing some of the exhibits.
Now moving to the right from the first picture, showing a very diverse range of items.
Moving even further to the right, some more items come into view.
Still moving to the right, more examples come into view,
Still moving to the right, this is the last of the overlapping pictures.

We hope you enjoyed seeing the wide range of items brought in to the Showtime meeting, we also hope it inspires those who have not shown at this meeting that they may do so at a future meeting.

Our next meeting is on the 30th March and it’s going to be working with end grain, the meeting is being arranged by Errol Levings and all 5 lathes will be in use, we hope to see you all there.