Report on our meeting 21-07-2022, Organised by Geoff Potter.

Our meeting on Thursday 21st July 2022 was organised by Geoff Potter, Geoff’s theme for the evening was making shallow bowls and platters, there were 5 turners involved using all 5 of the club lathes.

There were a variety of different styles of bowls and platters being made, some were able to finish during the demonstrations whilst others would need to complete their projects at home, time simply ran out before some of the projects were completed. The attendance from the members was very good with lots of questions being asked from the turners.

Most of the pictures in the following presentations were taken by Alan Geddes.

This is Geoff Potter organiser for the meeting, picture 1, shows Geoff making his first cuts on his platter. pictures 2, shows Geoff working on the outside of his platter, picture 3, Geoff is power sanding the outside. Picture 4, Geoff has almost completed the inside and is power sanding the inside, some troubling ripples required him to take another cut, but time defeated him and the platter would now be finished at home, picture 5, shows the completed back of his platter. Geoff informed me today that he did finish the platter at home.
This is David Hobson. Pictures 6,7 & 8 show David working on the outside of his large shallow bowl, due to it’s size it was not going to be possible to complete his bowl in the time allocated, however David did concentrate in getting the outside fully finished, Picture 9, shows the completed underside, sanded sealed and polished.
This is Warren Silverwood. Warren has just recently joined our club, he was a member of the Tay Wood club near Dundee for several years so was quite well accomplished at woodturning. Picture 10, shows Warren setting up to start, picture 11, here he can be seen power sanding, picture 12, Warren is now working on the inside of his shallow plate, picture 13, here Warren is sanding the inside ready for a final finish, picture 14, shows Warren with his finished shallow plate.
This is Douglas Stewart, Douglas is a regular demonstrator at our club, in pictures 15,16 & 17 he can be seen working on a shallow bowl, picture 18, having finished his project, Douglas is discussing the procedure to some of the onlooking members, picture 19, Douglas’s finished bowl, you will see he had decorated the rim with 2 grooves and did some texturing work between the grooves. Douglas also demonstrated the use of the texturing tool on another piece of wood showing the different designs that can be achieved.
This is me (Alec Mutch). When Geoff asked me to be part of the demonstrations, I decided to do a shallow bowl, but I also did it with a natural edge. Pictures 20 & 21 show me working on the outside of my bowl, it was made from a half log, picture 22, shows me power sanding the inside, I did explain how to deal with the wings of the bowl whilst sanding, picture 23, shows the finished bowl, it was sanded to 240grit, then sealed before finally adding a Melamine finish and a coat of wax.

The evening went very well, all 5 demonstrators received a similar amount of viewing from the members, but the time is seldom enough for everyone to finish their projects, however the members seemed to be very pleased with the evenings endeavours.

Our next meeting is on the 4th August, it will be managed by Dave Line, Dave is going to explain what to do to make some segmented turnings, we are looking for a good turnout, this should be a very interesting subject to listen to.