Our next meeting 21-07-2022 organised by Geoff Potter. Shallow bowls and platters.

Start time 6.45pm

Our next meeting is on Thursday 21st July 2022, it’s being organised by Geoff Potter, there should be all 5 lathes in operation and the subject matter for this meeting is making shallow bowls and platters.

This is a very large subject to predict what exactly each person will be making, it could be a fairly plain shallow bowl, or a bowl with a broad lip and possibly highlighted in some way, or it could be a shallow natural edged bowl or even a piece of Burr wood used. Whatever is being made I’m sure it will be of interest to you all.

I went back over our archives for some pictures of the type of thing we may see at this meeting, and here are a selection of them.

Left, a shallow bowl made from a piece of Spalted Beech. Centre, a Beech platter with a broad lip and laser decorated . Right, an Elm platter again with a broad lip and this time it’s been highlighted with black painted strips.
Left, an Ash platter with a broad lip and decorated with a bead finish on the inner lip. Centre, a Wych Elm platter again with a broad lip also finished with a bead on the inner lip. Right, a Burr Elm shallow bowl, no need for anything other than the wood it’s self the Burr says it all.
Left, an Elm shallow bowl, the grain structure on this bowl was amazing. Centre, a shallow bowl made from a piece of Burr wood with the natural edge left on. Right, a Sweet Chestnut shallow bowl, and highly figured.
Left, 3 Spalted Beech natural edged shallow bowls, all made from half logs. Right, a highly figured Ash bowl, a small shake was dealt with by using some different coloured wood plugs, you will also see there is a penetration inside the bowl, this is perfectly acceptable, I don’t think it detracts anything from the bowl.
These 3 pictures are all of the same bowl, the wood is Laburnum and it’s been made from the crux of a tree where the stem goes into 2 branches above, it’s unlikely we will see one of these at the meeting, the blanks are hard to come by.

I hope you enjoy looking through our archives of pictures, it’s good to see what we have done in the past.

We are hoping for a good turn out as usual, our fortnightly raffles will be on sale as usual, please be generous and coffee will be available if you just leave a donation, thank you.