Report on our meeting 28-04-2022, Showtime.

Our meeting on Thursday 28th April 2022 was a Showtime meeting, it was managed by Peter Lawrence and compered by Alec Mutch. The participation from our members was excellent with 12 members showing a total of 46 items, the turn out for this meeting was very good and the response to the members showing their wares was also very good with a hearty round of applause for each of the participants as they completed their presentation.

A lot of photos were taken at the meeting, I have selected out a good selection of photos that covers all the members who participated. The pictures were taken by Nick Simpson, Jeff Buttress and me, although I only did the pictures of the show tables at the end of the presentations.

Here are those pictures, they were taken as they were being presented by each club member.

1, Peter Lawrence was up first, here he is showing a piece of copy turning that he had to make, and was given some advice on how to complete this project. 2, A plate stand he had made and was now considering adding another tier. Also in the picture a small box made as an egg and egg cup.3, Nick Simson showing a Monkey Puzzle platter he had made, using the particular features that Monkey Puzzle possess to great effect. 4, Also from Nick were 2 Natural edged plates made as a mirror image of themselves.
5 & 6, Also from Nick Simpson, a Diamond shaped small bowl, Nick went on to explain how he made this and the dangers involved and that speed was very important with this type of turning. 7, Here we have Douglas Stewart, Douglas had quite a few different items to show, from some basic candlesticks to a more elaborate candelabrum, he also had various threaded items. 8, Also from Douglas, here he had made some Nut crackers using the treading process.
9 & 10, John Ruickbie showing a very nice laminated bowl made from various woods, he went on to explain how he went about making the bowl and some of the problems he had to overcome to make it. 11 & 12 also from John, another piece of laminated work in the shape of a box with an oriental look, again John explained the procedure he used to make the box.
13, Next was Geoff Potter, with a shallow plate that he had embellished the rim with a grove then filled the groove with some coloured epoxy resin. 14, also from Geoff, a little box he was unhappy with due to the lid being slightly loose, he was assured the box was just fine the way it is. 15, also from Geoff, a natural edged plate he made at the last meeting, using a piece of wood that was less than inspiring, but then turned out very well. 16, a compote (a plate on a stand) made by Gordon Leitch.
17, also from Gordon Leitch, a small bowl made from a very hard tropical timber of unknown origin, Gordon found this almost impossible to sand as everything just clogged up, he finally finished it using just its own shavings, and to great effect I must say. 18 Now we have Dave Line, showing a laminated inverted bowl, Dave went on to explain how he built the bowl. 19, also from Dave, this miniature spinning wheel made purely as an exercise, Dave had to get some advice from John Ruickbie on making the wheel. 20, This entry came from Susan Drew, a small Beech bowl. Susan only started turning very recently and is currently going through our training programme with her tutor Errol Levings. She made this bowl without any assistance, and it was turned to a very high standard.
21 & 22, these were all from Jeff Buttress, they are a selection of small pots for dried grasses or artificial flowers, some of them were inspired by items he had seen on line. 23 & 24, these were from Alan Smith, 3 lovely little bowls, a highly figured Beech bowl, a bowl made from Native Cherry and a small natural edged bowl made from Alder, all very well made.
25 & 26, is Bill Munro and myself looking at a goblet Bill made using some laminations, Bill went on to explain how the laminated section was done. 27, also from Bill, a couple of atomisers made from acrylic blanks. 28, also from Bill, a bowl with a pewter rim, again Bill explained to the members how he did this.
29,30,31 & 32 are all made by me (Alec Mutch) 29, a candle holder based on a design by Stephen Hogbin a Canadian woodturner. 30, shows a laminated bowl from different woods along with 3 chess pieces I made for a virtual competition we ran during the lockdown, I got 3rd place for these. 31, a wall plaque, I explained the process for making these, that information is now online in this web site under tutorials. 32, a view of the items I brought to the showtime meeting.
33,34 & 35 some views of the items shown at the meeting.
Another view of some of the items shown.

That concludes our Showtime meeting, we hope you enjoyed seeing your club members work, and to that end it would be very good if it inspires you to put forward some work of your own in the future if you have not already done so.

Our next meeting is on the 12th May 2022 and it’s being managed by David Ross, David will have all 5 lathes in operation making mainly small items on 3 of the lathes with some teaching on the other 2 lathes, all 5 will be available to be observed.