Report on our meeting 28-09-2023 organized by Alan Geddes.

Our latest meeting on Thursday 28th September 2023 was organized by Alan Geddes, Alan’s theme for the evening was to make wooden platters. He had all 5 of the club’s lathes in use, 4 of the members and himself doing all the turning. Although all were making platters, none of them were making similar items, there was variety in what the turners were making.

We took a few pictures of each of the turners as they progressed through making their platters, not all completed their project, running out of time, and one turner had a problem arise when one of his glue joints started to come undone, terminating his progress at the club, however he would be able to salvage the situation by further gluing at home.

The following set of pictures were all taken by Susan Drew and they show the progress each turner made.

Picture 1, here is Alan Geddes, tonight’s organized as he starts working his platter, Alan did some of the work prior to the meeting knowing he could not finish it from start to finish in the time allowed. Picture 2, here we can see Alan progressing well on the inside of his platter.

Picture 3, here Alan is reworking the outside of his platter, refining the shape. Picture 4, here we can see Alan applying sanding sealer to his platter, part of the finishing process.

Picture 5, here is Alan with his finished platter.

Picture 1, here is Liam Comfort making a start on his platter, Liam is one of our junior members and is still very much in the novice stage with his turning but progressing well. Picture 2, here Liam is forming the recess on the bottom of his platter for the chuck mounting when he turns it around to work the inside.

Picture 3, Here we can see working the outside of his platter, the chuck recess now formed. Picture 4, Liam continued to work the outside, not quite getting it right whilst taking advice from some of the more experienced turners, he was to run out of time but learned a lot in the process.

Picture 5, Liam did run out of time, but he would go on to finish the platter at home, hopefully bringing it back at the next meeting for all to see.

Picture 1, here we have Richard Comfort making a start on his platter. Richard had the most ambitious and difficult platter to make, he used an Elm Burr and was going to leave a lot of it the natural elements on it as features. Picture 2, here Richard is polishing the base of his platter, some of the natural features can clearly be seen.

Picture 3, the platter is spinning as Richard decides on his next move, taking a little more out of the centre of his platter. Picture 4, here Richard is applying a coat of sealer to the platter.

Picture 5, here we can see Richard polishing the inside of his platter. Picture 6, Richard holding the finished platter, only now can the true appearance be appreciated, well done Richard.

Picture 1, here we have Bob Chisholm, a regular contributor to the turning team, Bob had glued up a number of strips of Iroko to make his platter and was about to start turning. Picture 2, Bob had done the chuck recess and was now sanding the base.

Picture 3, here we can see Bob working the inside of his platter, good progress being made. Picture 4, at this stage it was observed that one of the glue joint was coming apart, Bob had to stop as there was the danger of the piece parting with unpredictable consequences.

Picture 5, here is Bob holding the almost finished platter, with one of the glue joints coming apart it was unsafe to continue, however it was thought a further application of glue to the joint that was opening may salvage the situation, we will keep you abreast of the outcome.

Picture 1, here we have Alan Ross working on a Beech blank to form his platter. Picture 2, the outside almost complete, Alan can be seen sanding the outside.

Picture 3, Alan now working the inside of his platter, a bowl gouge being used. Picture 4, the inside turning complete Alan is now sanding the inside as part of the finishing process.

Picture 5, a close up of Alan’s finished platter, the grain structure in the Beech blank that Alan chose is quite stunning and deserved a closer look. Picture 6, here is Alan with his finished platter, an excellent piece of turning.

That concludes our meeting making platters, and thanks go out to Alan Geddes for organizing the meeting, thanks also to all the turners, and also for Susan Drew for taking all the pictures.

The turnout was very good, our next meeting is on the 12th October 2023 and is being organized by Dave Line, he too will have all 5 lathes in use and the subject matter is making any sort of bowl.