Report on our meeting 28-10-2021, Demo by David Ross.

Our Meeting on Thursday 28th October 2021 was a demonstration by David Ross on making an ornamental hanging using a Sea Urchin in his design. These are very fragile items and we were all intrigued to see how David was actually going to go about this.

David started his presentation by explaining that there are different types of Sea Urchin and showed the members the type to use were they to make one for themselves.

Here we have David making his first introductions to the members and showing the type of Sea Urchin he was going to use and recommended should be used.
Left, David used a small cone of wood with some sandpaper glued onto it, this was used to sand the openings in the Sea Urchin so that the hole was as round as he could make it. Right, the top finial being started, David mounted a short piece of wood between centres and then cut a spigot to fit the hole on the top of the Sea Urchin.
Here David can be seen sizing the short spigot for the bottom Finial.
The top finial now being worked, David held this piece in the jaws of the chuck using the spigot already formed.
Left, the turning of the top finial now complete, David would sand this piece before applying any finish. Right, here David can be seen polishing the top finial, David used some sanding sealer followed by some Melamine then a final coat of wax.
Now David has moved onto the bottom Finial, here are a couple of views of the process. Apologies for the pictures.
Left, Here the final shape of the bottom finial is complete, Right, sand sealing and polishing the bottom finial. Again, apologies for the pictures.
Left, the top Finial now glued in place, David used some epoxy 2 part glue for fixing the finial to the Sea Urchin. Right, here is one David had made earlier, the wood used in this one was Wenge, an African hardwood, now very hard to get hold of.
Here is David’s finished ornament, He also made the ring and feet for the hanger, although this was done at home as time would not have permitted him to make the hanger at the demo.

The demonstration was well received by the membership and David was given a rousing applause, especially as this was David’s very first demonstration at the club. We say well done David and thank you for taking part.

The next meeting will be on the 11th November 2021 and it will be another demonstration, this time it’s going to be George Burgess and George is going to make a Banana Bowl, sound interesting don’t you think.

Do try to be there, we will be looking for a good turnout.

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