Report on our virtual meeting 21-01-2021 making wooden toys and puzzles.

Our meeting on the 21st January 2021 was all about making wooden toys and puzzles, It was being organised by Douglas Stewart but due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions this meeting had to be turned into a virtual meeting. You were all invited to take part in this meeting by making something from the programme. The uptake was as ever very poor with only Nick Simpson and myself contributing to the meeting. Nick’s article wasn’t a toy or a puzzle but a novelty none the less and I felt it was appropriate to be included in this report.

Here is Nick’s submission, including what he had to say about the item.

Hi Alec

Here’s a simple toy compared with the product of the Club’s recognised toy makers.

It is a cracker from Zebrano. Simply made with careful use of forstner bit, parting tool and spindle gouge Nick Simpson.

As I said not an actual toy or puzzle, but an interesting project none the less. Made by Nick Simpson.

I did a few very simple turnings, some spinning tops, a yo-yo and a puzzle project. I also made a small toy canon. All the following items were made by Alec Mutch.

Here are the spinning tops, the top row shows them still attached to the mounting block, the reason for this is that they were all finished with a spray lacquer and had to dry, I did several coats to achieve the high gloss finish. Once dry they were parted off and the final tips coloured and lacquered.
The top picture will give you the scale of the items, the yo-yo is 75mm in diameter.
Here is my toy canon, made from scraps of wood, it measured 235mm in length by about 80mm high.
This is a little puzzle stick, hard to explain without giving away the secret on how it works, but if you want to make one contact me and all will be revealed. It’s only about 150mm long.
Here I have given you a set of pictures showing the way I made the spinning tops. Fig 1, start with a block 50mm square by 100mm long,, shape the top section, Fig 2, colour the top section using fine felt tip pens of different colours, do this on a slow speed, say 400rpm. Fig 3, shows the bottom shaped and sanded, Fig.4, shows the bottom coloured and the first coats of lacquer applied, allow to dry before further coats are applied, only cut it off when pleased with the finish.

Our next meeting on the 4th February 2021 would have been our AGM (annual general meeting), this can not take place under the present circumstances, however that does not mean we won’t be having a virtual meeting, we will. I want you all to make something, anything of your own choosing and send the pictures and text to me, I’m hoping for a better response than has happened in the last few weeks.

Here too is a final reminder that the 2021 subscriptions are due and anyone not signed up before the AGM meeting on the 4th February will loose their place with the membership. If you don’t want to loose your place contact Geoff or Cliff before the time runs out.

Do remember the clubhouse remains closed.

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