Our next meeting 14-10-2021 Demo By Errol Levings, start time of 6.45pm.

Our next meeting on the 14th October 2021 is a demonstration by Errol Levings on the use of various texturing and spiralling tools. These are some of the most interesting tools to have, they can create some amazing results once you master the use of these tools, they come in various guises, used to create texture to your work, some come with various interchangeable parts to create various spiral effects, and the most basic of these is the chatter tool.

I think once you see the results that can be produced by some of these tools you will want to have one. I have selected a few for you to get a preview of, first is the texture tool,

A very nice tool to work, simple to use, comes with various interchangeable texture wheels that can produce a wide range of designs, it’s all about how it’s presented to the work piece. Made by Robert Sorby.
This is the chatter tool, again made by Robert Sorby, another very easy to use tool that can give some excellent results with some practice.
This is the spiralling tool, it comes with these interchangeable wheels that will give you a wide range of designs, made by Robert Sorby, a very useful tool, not cheap but I think a welcome addition to any turners tools.
This is another spiralling tool, this one is made by Crown Tools and works in the same way as any other spiralling tool.

I hope you will find Errol’s venture into the use of these tools will open up a whole now adventure in your woodturning.

Coffee will be available, remember to leave a donation, the usual raffles will also be on sale as will Jim Kelman’s donation box. Remember to bring your name tag and to sign in, it’s important in these times to have an accurate record on who is present.

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