Report on our meeting 30-09-2021, Showtime.

Our meeting on Thursday 30th September 2021 was a Showtime meeting, this is a meeting where all our members were invited to show anything they had made over the past few weeks, as this was the first Showtime meeting we were able to have since the shut down in March 2020 we extended the showtime to anything they had made that they still had.

We were very pleased with the turnout and for the amount of entries each person had brought, we had entries from Nick Simpson, John Ruickbie, Douglas Stewart, Bob Chisholm, Dave Line, Alan Smith, Geoff Potter, Gordon Leitch, Bill Munro, Mike Day, David Ross and myself, (Alec Mutch). The presentations went well with most of those showing also doing their own presentations and answering any questions coming from the floor.

Here are a few pictures of some of the items shown,

This picture is showing some of the entries on the right hand side of the table after the presentations had been completed.
Having moved the camera along to get this picture of the items on the centre of the table.
This is the picture of the items on the left hand side of the table.

Now for a few pictures from the table highlighting who made what items.

Item marked nr, 1, was an item presented by Errol Levings on behalf of Nick Simpson, it looks like it’s all made from metal but in fact it’s all made from wood, even the cartridge case and the cigarette, based on trench art. Items marked nr, 2, were presented by John Ruickbie, John made part of the clock in the foreground at a previous meeting and completed it at home between meetings. Item nr, 3, was presented by Bob Chisholm, Bob was at the meeting when John Ruickbie made the clock in the foreground and copied what John had done, he changed the clock for a thermometer but otherwise followed John’s design for the most part.
Item nr,1, a large platter made in Black Walnut sap wood presented by Dave Line. Items nrd, 2. were made by David Ross, a very nice laminated box, a spalted bowl and his Penguin family. Item nr,3. A nativity scene made by Douglas Stewart, this had to be the best presentation on the night, it had everything, Mary, Joseph, Jesus in the crib, the 3 kings, the angel Gabriel, 2 shepherds and some sheep, well done Douglas with Christmas just around the corner a very apt presentation. Item’s nrd, 4. were from me Alec Mutch, a couple of shallow plates with laser and decorative rims, a Natural edged bowl and a multi bowled table tidy.
Items nrd, 1. were presented by Dave Line, Dave has done lots of laminated work after first seeing and being taught by Joh Ruickbie. Items nrd, 2. were presented by Alan Smith, Alan has only been turning for about a year and yet he delivered 2 excellent examples of his laminating skills. Items nrd, 3. were presented by Geoff Potter, 3 jewellery stands that were turned in off set mode. Item nr, 4. was presented by Gordon Leitch, a very nice Yew box with a lidded top. Items nrd, 5, were presented by Bill Munro, a laminated goblet, a very nice plum bowl and a piece of artistic turning. Item nr, 6. a small Natural edged bowl from me Alec Mutch.

That conclude our foray into the Showtime presentations, I do hope you enjoy seeing them and that anyone who did not contribute may do so in a future Showtime meeting, it’s always very interesting to see what others have been doing and the work they are producing.

Our next meeting will be on the 14th October 2021, it will be handled by Errol Levings and Errol is going to demonstrate using some texturing tools and the effects they produce.

As a last item for todays post, here is a picture of part of the now repainted floor, you will notice that the bottom left hand corner is a slightly different colour, this is because that part has only had one coat of paint, the rest has had 2 coats of paint, by the time of the next meeting all the rest of the floor will have had it’s 2 coats of paint.

We look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.

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