Our next virtual meeting, 22-07-2021 Turning with a captive ring.

Our meeting this week should have been our annual all day event, usually held on the Saturday following our usual meeting day, this can’t happen due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, this meeting should have been organised and managed by Errol Levings, Earl has put forward a request that you all have a go at making something that has within it’s design a captive ring, and if you are really adventurous try putting more than one ring on. This lends its self well to be included on a goblet or a mushroom but for the ideas, Errol will leave that up to you.

I will give you a few pictures of some items with captive rings by way of examples, you do not need to follow any of these if you can design something different we would all like to see it.

Here are a couple of baby rattles, if you are going to make something that has the risk of it being pulled apart, use a very good wood, something like Maple, Cherry, Beech or Apple.
Here we have a Beech Vase with a captive ring near the top, this idea could be adapted to take more than one ring, all you have to do is make the neck a little longer.
Here we have a goblet with 3 rings, made in Beech.
This image shows the tool most used to form the rings.

Do have a go at making something with a captive ring or rings. Once you have done so send me the pictures of anything you make and include some relevant information on it or them, you can do more than one item, the more the merrier. Come on lets have lots of entries.

You will have until Friday 23rd July to get you pictures to me for uploading to our web site, send them and the text in a word doc to;


Do remember the clubhouse remains closed.

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