Report on our virtual meeting 08-07-2021 Candlesticks and offset Candlesticks.

Our virtual meeting on the 8th July 2021 was organised by Errol Levings, Errol’s theme for the meeting was Candlesticks and off centre Candlesticks. Errol had produced a plan along with his instructions on the making of one type of off centre Candlesticks, however it was stated that any sort of Candlestick or Candle holder would be accepted.

I have to tell you that the take up was at it’s lowest yet for any meeting with only Dave Line and myself producing any pictures of Candlesticks at all. This was surly our lowest ebb ever, which is very disappointing and I would appeal to you all to do better at the next virtual meeting.

Her are Dave Line’s pictures along with some word from him about them.

HI Alec,

Please find attached 3 pictures of candlesticks.

The first is an inside out turning standing 360mm high and 140mm diameter, the wood is ash I think.

The second is decorated using Jo Sonja’s paints, it is made from sycamore and is 145mm diameter and 35mm thick.

The third is made from oak and is 220mm diameter and 55mm tall.

Stay safe Dave Line.

This is item 1 from Dave Line, and yes Dave the wood is Ash.

Now for some pictures of Candlesticks and Candle Holders I had made in the past,

This Candle holder was made for a local church some years ago, it was made from Elm and used 4 x 25mm candles plus one 75mm candle. Made by Alec Mutch.
Here I have pictured 4 very different candlesticks or holders, Item 1, an Oak candlestick made using the inside out method, it measures 250mm high with a base of 120mm in diameter. Item 2, is an offset natural edged candlestick made from a piece of Burr Elm, it measures 230mm in height. Item 3, this candle holder was made from Beech and from one piece of wood, it was turned then cut into 4 pieces, reassembled to form the candlestick you see before you, this was taken from a book by David Sprignett a Canadian turner. Item 4, another completely different type of candle holder, this time making use of a Sentenal Candle and a glass chimney, the wood is Lime with Ebony inlay. All made by Alec Mutch.
Here’s a novel idea, I made these for a Christmas sale the club had in Fortrose in 2019, they were made using night light candles with a festive flavour to them, the colours on the bases was done using felt tip pens. All made by Alec Mutch.
Here are some of Errol’s finished offset candlesticks, along with a couple of in progress pictures.

The next meeting will be on the 22nd July 2021, this meeting will again be organised by Errol Levings, it was to be our all day event, as that can not happen I will confirm shortly what Errol’s plans are for that meeting, on thing I can say is that we want more of you to take part.

Do remember the clubhouse remains closed.

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