Report on our meeting 13-10-2022, SHOWTIME, managed by Alan Geddes.

This would be our last SHOWTIME meeting for 2022, it was held on Thursday evening 13th October 2022, the purpose of the Showtime meetings was to see and hear about what the members were making.

The meeting was managed by Alan Geddes with myself being the compere, the participation by our members has always been very good for all the previous Showtime meetings and this meeting was no different, taking part were, Tony Wilson, John Ruickbie, Nick Simpson, Alan Smith, Lewis Vernal, Bill Munro, Bruce Maver (guest) Geoff Potter, David Ross, Bob Chisholm, Daniel Stewart (our youngest member) Dave Line, Susan Drew and myself (Alec Mutch).

Our guest for the evening was Bruce Maver from the Tiny County Crafters near Stirling, Bruce makes exquisite boxes and was in our area when I managed to persuade him to come to our meeting and to do a presentation on his work on these boxes. He had 7 boxes with him that he showed and encouraged our members to come and see and to ask questions, his boxes can be seen in some of the pictures.

The range of items produced was wide and varied and the quality of the work was excellent, there were also a few members who produced items that were in need of some advice and this is what the Showtime meetings are good for, the person showing an item that may not have gone quite to plan or has a problem that he/she needed advice on can call on the members to forward some suggestions on any item brought in where a problem exists.

Once all the items had been presented I took a few pictures of the assembled work pieces, here are those pictures,

The presentation table was too long for a single picture, so I have done an overlap on all the pictures, I also took the pictures from both sides, these were taken from side 1.
Some more of the table as seen from side 1.
Picture left, is the final picture as seen from side 1. Picture right, child’s ride on toy was shown by Tony Wilson, this is for use by a small child, made from Ash wood and very strong.
These pictures as seen from the opposite side 2, again overlapped.
The remainder of the table as seen from side 2. The Bruce Maver boxes can be seen in the picture left, centre forward.

I think you will agree the range and the quality of the work presented here was quite remarkable and deserves a huge vote of thanks to all the presenters for their outstanding work. We hope those of you who did not have any items to show on this occasion were encouraged to possibly put forward something in the future, in the meantime we hope you enjoyed the presentations.

Our next meeting is on the 27th October, it is being managed by John Ruickbie and John is going to through the sequence for making staved constructions, this will be a solo affair from John and you will all get a seat.