Report on our meeting 23-06-2022, Showtime.

Our meeting on the 23rd June 2022 was another Showtime meeting, organised by David Hobson and compered by myself, we had entries from 12 members and a total of over 30 individual items shown. The standard of the entries was as usual very good, there were several entries from members who had very recently joined our club, some of the trainee turners also exhibited, a positive step for them as they were so very new to woodturning.

We had a couple of our members take some photographs of the proceedings, the majority taken by Nick Simpson with Douglas Stewart taking the pictures whilst Nick was exhibiting. Here are those pictures.

First to exhibit was Errol Levings, in pictures 1 & 2 he is showing a elevated cake plate made from Ash and finished with a food safe oil. In pictures 3 & 4 he is showing a shallow Elm plate with 3 carved feet, he went on to describe how he made the feet and why there were 3 feet.
Here we have John Ruickbie showing an occasional table he had made, the table was made from Elm with a laminated top, he went on to describe the finer workings when making the table, this ranged from how to hold the top on the lathe and how he kept it absolutely flat, he also described how the legs were fitted.
Here we have Nick Simpson showing a selection of Treen items, Nick also brought a book dedicated to making Treen, he went on to explain what Treen was all about. He had made several items from sugar sifters to goblets, a candle holder and some wooden cups used for measuring grain, some of which he had aged to make them look very old.
Here we have Douglas Stewart showing some of his wares, 12, is a mobile phone holder he had designed. 13, is a laminated bowl made from lots of individual pieces. 14 & 15 shows Douglas explaining to the members how and why he made the items.
Here we have Warren Silverwood showing some of his work. Warren had only joined our club the week before this meeting and had attended one other meeting as our guest, he had previously been a member of the Taywood Woodturners, he had moved to this area and wanted to continue with his woodturning, hence joining our club.
Here we have Julian Cox showing his work, Julian is another relatively recent member to our club, he hails from England and after moving north had looked for a woodturning club to join. 19 & 20 show a spinning wheel he had made, he gave a brief description on how it was made and why. 21 & 22 show a music stand he had made for one of his family, it was made to be transportable so he made it so that everything came apart and would only be assembled as required.
Up next was Dave Line, Dave showed a few items that all had some form of paint system employed, in 23, he used some Sonja Paints and described how they were applied, in 24, he used some Pebeo paints that he classed as a work in progress.
Here we have Dave Line again, this time he is reporting on some of his wife’s turnings, his wife Kathleen is currently going through the training programme on woodturning with the club, the 2 items in picture 27 (far right) are both from Kathleen, one is Elm the other is Sycamore.
Here we have Geoff Potter showing some of his work, 28, shows a Spalted Beech bowl salvaged from some wood that the club were disposing of, 29, shows a deeper bowl made with a natural edged top and a blue painted rim.
Here we have Gareth Jones another new member to our club, Gareth is new to woodturning and this was the first and only item he had ever made, he had laminated some bits of wood then turned it into a small bowl, it was felt that this was quite adventurous for him to do as his first attempts in woodturning.
Here we have Darren Morrison showing his work, Darren is another new member to our club, he too is going through the training programme, in picture 33 are some of the first items Darren had made, in picture 34 are a selection of weed pots Darren was asked to do at home to practice his spindle turning.
Here we have Carol Craig another new member to our club, also going through the training programme, she brought in 2 items, one of which she had mad on her own after only one lesson, the other item she brought in needed to be completed, something that her next tutorial will take care of.
Here is myself showing some of my recent work, 36, a table lamp in Elm with some Milliput inserts, 37, a shallow Ash plate with a Pebeo paint finish on the rim, 38, a laminated bowl and 39, a natural edged bowl made from a branch of Holly.
40 & 41 are pictures of the exhibits entered by our members, I think you will agree they are excellent in their quality and very diverse in their nature.
42,43 &44 some more views of the exhibits shown.

That concludes our Showtime meeting, I have to thank all of you who took the time and the effort to make and show your work, I am especially pleased to see so many of the new members exhibiting, this is most encouraging and bodes well for future Showtime meetings. I apologise for the standard of some of the pictures.

The attendance was very good and the raffle and teas were well supported, for this we thank you all.

Our next meeting is on the 7th July, that meeting will be dealing with all kinds of finishing products and their use, there will be 4 turners taking you through each process.