Report on Showtime virtual meeting 01-10-2020

Our Showtime virtual meeting was on Thursday 1st October 2020, it was to be organised by myself but due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions had to be done as a virtual meeting. The response was less than good, with only 4 members taking part, those were Dave Line Nick Simpson, David Ross and myself.

The Showtime meeting have generally attracted a very good response when held in the clubhouse with 15 to 20 members taking part, why it should be so different when it’s a virtual meeting leaves me somewhat puzzled. However we are where we are and I am pleased to see we did get some response, all be it from the usual few members.

I will give you a taste of what’s in the gallery for this meeting, firstly from Dave Line,

This blank of Spalted Beech was Dave’s first entry, you will see there is a large crack through the blank, you will see in the gallery what Dave did about it and how it turned out.

Now an entry from Nick Simpson, Nick supplied 6 pictures that can be viewed in the gallery section along with an explanation on all, see below what Nick Had to say about his entry.

Hello Alec
Here is my Showtime entry
In 2018 I spent some time experimenting with mathematical spirals as a decoration for bowls and plaques. The method was to follow the arc of various spiral forms by creating off-centre bowls of increasing or decreasing size. Nick Simpson.

Next is an entry from David Ross, David supplied 3 pictures, all can be viewed in the gallery section.

Hi Alec
 I have two items to show one is this painted bowl the other is an open segmented vase I only have one photo as my daughter claimed it as soon as it was made and a decorated bowl. Regards David Ross. 

Now for one of my own turnings, I have put forward several for you all to see, these can all be viewed in the gallery section, I have added a bit of information about all of them.

This bowl was made for a couples granddaughter as a commemorative piece.

The picture Gallery now follows,

For a bigger picture of any of the items shown in the Gallery just click the picture, you will also see some text about the subject.

Our next Virtual meeting was to be on the 15th October 2020 on the subject of making pens, this meeting was to be organised by Jim Kelman.

Do remember the clubhouse remains closed.

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