Tricylinder timeline by Nick Simpson.

I recently received some pictures from Nick Simpson on the subject of Tricylinders, Nick wanted to know if anyone would be interested to see one being made. I thought this was an excellent idea and Nick agreed to do a time line on the making of a Tricylinder. He also supplied some text with each picture to make it easier to follow, and on being asked where he got the idea this is what he said,


This form consists of three cylinders of equal radius which intersect at right angles to each other. The correct name is a Tricylinder.

In recent years forms involving the intersection and relationship of cylinders have been popularized by the Irish woodworker Max Brossi. I chose to make the tricylinder as a starting point rather than attempt the very much more complex forms with uneven numbers of cylinders which Max Brossi is producing now.

I have not seen a description or timeline for making these forms so what you see here is my approach. I know that others, recently including Alec Mutch, have made a tricylinder but I do not know they achieved the result. Nick Simpson.

I have put Nick’s Timeline into a gallery presentation to keep the text relevant to the picture, I do hope you are able to follow the timeline, and do have a go at making one, if you do send me the pictures.

If you want to see a bigger picture and read the text, click on the picture and follow the timeline.

This entry by Nick is more than welcome, we would be very pleased to see any other timelines being put forward by any of our members, you can do this on any subject you prefer, just follow Nick’s lead and do a timeline of your own, I will post it on line.

Our thanks go out to Nick Simpson for taking the initiative and the time to do this timeline.

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